About us

Vira Energy and Chemistry Company is an Iranian technical services provider to the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. VECC , provides comprehensive consulting, engineering, procurement, project management and operations support services to the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors by its fully skilled experts in various disciplines.
VECC is different because we excel at our core competencies, focus on them and commit ourselves to delivering high-quality services in complete alignment with our clients’ objectives.
Although this company is young, but highly experienced and knowledgeable management team and experts from various disciplines with outstanding backgrounds are a notable capital for us.
VECC provides cost effective and technically robust consulting, engineering, project management and operations support services to the oil & gas (upstream and downstream) and petrochemical industries.
We are built upon the talent, experience and creativity of our people who strive to deliver robust solutions for our clients. To achieve this we not only listen to our clients’ needs but also we take the time to understand their company and their people to approach every step from their perspective.
The major activities of VECC as a consulting engineering firm are to improve operational performance through developing and implementing cost-reduction configuration and plans, optimizing supply chain operations, benchmarking and more. A number of activities are as follows:
▀ Economical and technical studies and evaluation
▀ Oil, gas and petrochemical process design (basic, conceptual and detail design)
▀ Process optimization
▀ Industrial water treatment
▀ Flaring systems design and optimization
▀ Simulation of process units
VECC was founded in November 2018 as a private joint stock company in Tehran, Iran. The new born company began his first year activities by intensive meetings and negotiations for being familiarized with the oil industry various disciplines in private sector. The founders with many years of experience in oil industry hoped to raise company in a reasonable time to a reliable and smart partner for present and future clients.
In 2019, VECC undertook its first and second awarded projects as feasibility study for the Mohr condensate refinery and Gasoline Production by blending in storages for Shimibaft Petrochemical Company.
In 2020, the basic design for H2S removal from refinery off gases unit in Adish Condensate Refinery was awarded to VECC and completed as a knowledge based work on sulfur recovery process in 2021. The next work was the revamp and optimization of dewaxing unit in Abadan Lube Oil Refinery. This job was successfully completed and the client is ready for Basic design of proposed modifications. The conceptual study of Entekhab Petro Refinery, a 200000 bpd complex, was granted and completed in 2022. The latest project is the endorsement of Basic Design of Bandarabbas refinery for Rajan Petro Farayand Company. The work is in progress and will be completed during the next couple of months.
Future plans
The Conceptual Study and ITB for production of petroleum coke have been granted on the joint venture base for National Iranian Steel Company, starting very soon.
Knowledge based activities are going on for converting base oil group1 to group2 by intensive laboratory and site work with a number of lube oil refineries. For adapting to various potential clients orders and attending bigger bids, VECC is shaping a new board of directors with highly qualified members, well known in Iran’s energy sector. Also more oil industry experts are hiring to join VECC in its future activities and responsibilities.
Saeed Ghavampour
Vira Energy and Chemistry CEO